Judgment at Nuremberg

This is the charge
that is referred to in the Nuremberg Laws.

It says that any non-Aryan
having sexual relations with an Aryan...

may be punished by death.
When did you first become acquainted
with the Feldenstein case?

In September 1935,
I was contacted by the police.

They said that Mr. Feldenstein
was being held...

and that he requested
that I serve as his counselor.

What position did he hold
in the community?

He was a very well-known merchant.
He was one of the heads
of the Jewish congregation in Nuremberg.

What was the nature of the charge
against him?

He was accused
of having intimate relations...

with a 16-year-old girl, Irene Hoffman.
I see.
And what did he say to you about the case?
He said it was false.
He said he knew the girl and her family
a long time.

He'd gone to visit her since they died.
But there had never been anything
of the kind charged between them.

Doctor, would you please tell the tribunal
what happened then?

He was indicted before
the special court at Nuremberg.

And where was this special court?
It was right here, this building.
This very courtroom.
What were the circumstances
surrounding the trial?

It was used as a show place
for National Socialism.

It was the time
of the September celebrations...

the Nuremberg rallies.
The courtroom was crowded.
Back there, people were standing up.
Julius Streicher was sitting
in one of the front seats.

And high officials of the Nazi Party
were all over.