Judgment at Nuremberg

Thank you. No questions.
The witness is excused.
The prosecution calls to the stand...
Irene Hoffman Wallner.
Will you raise your right hand?
I swear by God,
the Almighty and Omniscient...

that I will speak the pure truth,
and will withhold and add nothing.

I do.
Will you please state your name
to the tribunal?

Irene Hoffman Wallner.
Mrs. Wallner...
did you know Lehman Feldenstein?
When did you first meet him?
It was 1925 or 1926.
I am not sure exactly.
How old was he at this time?
He was in his 50s.
And how old was he
at the time of his arrest?

He was 65.
I see.
What was the nature of your relationship?
We were friends.
Did you continue to see him
after your parents died?

- Yes.
- Why?

We were friends.
He owned the building that I lived in.
His business took him there quite often.
What did you say to the police
when they questioned you...