Judgment at Nuremberg

did you know Lehman Feldenstein?
When did you first meet him?
It was 1925 or 1926.
I am not sure exactly.
How old was he at this time?
He was in his 50s.
And how old was he
at the time of his arrest?

He was 65.
I see.
What was the nature of your relationship?
We were friends.
Did you continue to see him
after your parents died?

- Yes.
- Why?

We were friends.
He owned the building that I lived in.
His business took him there quite often.
What did you say to the police
when they questioned you...

about having intimate relations with him?
I told them it was a lie.
Could you tell me
who the public prosecutor was?

Emil Hahn.
Did Emil Hahn question you?
What did he say to you?
He took me into a separate room,
where we were alone.

He told me that it was no use...
to repeat my story...
because no one would believe me.
There had been a race defilement...
and the only pardon for this was...
to kill the violator.
He told me that if I protected...
Mr. Feldenstein...