Judgment at Nuremberg

about having intimate relations with him?
I told them it was a lie.
Could you tell me
who the public prosecutor was?

Emil Hahn.
Did Emil Hahn question you?
What did he say to you?
He took me into a separate room,
where we were alone.

He told me that it was no use...
to repeat my story...
because no one would believe me.
There had been a race defilement...
and the only pardon for this was...
to kill the violator.
He told me that if I protected...
Mr. Feldenstein...
that I would be held under arrest for perjury.
What did you reply to him?
I told him what I had said again and again.
I told him that I could not say anything else.
I could not lie about someone
who had been so kind to me.

Were you held under arrest?
Mrs. Wallner, tell us...
what was the...
the manner in which Emil Hahn
conducted the prosecution?

He made a mockery...
of everything Mr. Feldenstein tried to say
in his own defense.

He held him up to ridicule
whenever possible.

What was the reaction of the audience?
They laughed.