Judgment at Nuremberg

Nothing. I'm just not hungry, that's all.
The last few days
have meant a great deal to me.

I don't think you realize
what a provincial man I really am.

I've been abroad
just exactly once before this...

and that was when I was a doughboy
in WWI.

I used to pass places like this
and wonder what they were like.

- They've meant a great deal to me, too.
- How?

They gave me back the feeling
I had of the Americans.

The feeling I used to have
when I was in your country.

- Too bad this isn't a magazine story.
- Why?

If it were a magazine story,
two people like us, the rapidly aging jurist...

The rapidly aging jurist
and the beautiful widow...

would transcend their difficulties
and travel places...

either by land or by sea.
I saw Mr. Perkins today.
He told me they'd showed those pictures
in the courtroom.

Col. Lawson's favorite pictures.
He drags them out at any pretext,
doesn't he?

Col. Lawson's private chamber of horrors.
Is that what you think we are?
Do you think we knew of those things?
Do you think
we wanted to murder women and children?

Do you believe that?
Do you?
Mrs. Bertholt, I don't know what to believe.
Good God. We're sitting here drinking.