Judgment at Nuremberg

would transcend their difficulties
and travel places...

either by land or by sea.
I saw Mr. Perkins today.
He told me they'd showed those pictures
in the courtroom.

Col. Lawson's favorite pictures.
He drags them out at any pretext,
doesn't he?

Col. Lawson's private chamber of horrors.
Is that what you think we are?
Do you think we knew of those things?
Do you think
we wanted to murder women and children?

Do you believe that?
Do you?
Mrs. Bertholt, I don't know what to believe.
Good God. We're sitting here drinking.
How could you think that we knew?
We did not know.

We did not know.
As far as I can make out,
no one in this country knew.

Your husband was one of the heads
of the army.

And he did not know.
I tell you, he did not know.

It was Himmler. It was Goebbels.
The SS knew what happened.
We did not know.

Listen to me.
There are things that happened
on both sides.

My husband was a military man all his life.
He was entitled to a soldier's death.
He asked for that.

I tried to get that for him, just that,
that he would die with some honor.

I went from official to official.
I begged for that.

That he be permitted the dignity
of a firing squad.

You know what happened?
He was hanged with the others...