Judgment at Nuremberg

I wish to testify
about the Feldenstein case...

because it was the most significant trial
of the period.

It is important not only for the tribunal
to understand it...

but for the whole German people.
But in order to understand it...
one must understand the period
in which it happened.

There was a fever over the land.
A fever of disgrace, of indignity, of hunger.
We had a democracy, yes.
But it was torn by elements within.
Above all, there was fear:
Fear of today, fear of tomorrow...
fear of our neighbors...
and fear of ourselves.
Only when you understand that...
can you understand what Hitler meant to us.
Because he said to us:
"Lift your heads.
"Be proud to be German.
"There are devils among us:
"Communists, liberals, Jews, Gypsies.
"Once these devils will be destroyed,
your misery will be destroyed. "

It was the old story of the sacrificial lamb.
What about those of us who knew better?
We who knew the words were lies,
and worse than lies?

Why did we sit silent?
Why did we take part?

Because we loved our country.
What difference does it make...
if a few political extremists
lose their rights?

What difference does it make
if a few racial minorities lose their rights?

It is only a passing phase.
It is only a stage we are going through.
It will be discarded sooner or later.