Judgment at Nuremberg

Because he said to us:
"Lift your heads.
"Be proud to be German.
"There are devils among us:
"Communists, liberals, Jews, Gypsies.
"Once these devils will be destroyed,
your misery will be destroyed. "

It was the old story of the sacrificial lamb.
What about those of us who knew better?
We who knew the words were lies,
and worse than lies?

Why did we sit silent?
Why did we take part?

Because we loved our country.
What difference does it make...
if a few political extremists
lose their rights?

What difference does it make
if a few racial minorities lose their rights?

It is only a passing phase.
It is only a stage we are going through.
It will be discarded sooner or later.
Hitler himself
will be discarded sooner or later.

The country is in danger.
We will march out of the shadows.
We will go forward.

Forward is the great password.
And history tells
how well we succeeded, Your Honor.

We succeeded beyond our wildest dreams.
The very elements of hate and power
about Hitler...

that mesmerized Germany
mesmerized the world.

We found ourselves
with sudden, powerful allies.

Things that had been denied to us
as a democracy...

were open to us now.
The world said, "Go ahead, take it.
"Take it.
"Take Sudetenland, take the Rhineland,
remilitarize it.

"Take all of Austria. Take it. "
And then, one day, we looked around...
and found that we were
in an even more terrible danger.