One, Two, Three

As I was saying. Six plants.
Moscow, Leningrad, Stalingrad,
Kiev, Kharkov and Minsk. Right?

Wrong. I never mentioned Minsk.
I said Pinsk.

All right. Pinsk is in, Minsk is out. Our
contract will contain the usual provisions.

- We supply the syrup, you do the bottling.
- Certainly not. You supply the formula.

Forget it. We give it to you, first thing we
know the Chinese communists'll have it.

- No formula, no deal.
- OK, no deal.

We do not need you. If we want
Coca-Cola, we invent it ourselves.

Oh, yeah? In 1956 you flew a bottle of
Coke to a secret laboratory in Sverdlovsk.

Your chemists went nuts
trying to analyse the ingredients. Right?

No comment.
In 1958 you planted two agents
in our home office to steal the formula.

What happened? They both defected.
Now they're in Florida
packaging instant borscht. Right?

- No comment.
- Last year you put out an imitation.

But even the Albanians wouldn't drink it.

- They used it for sheep-dip. Right?
- No comment.

So either get down to business
or get off the pot.

If we are to live together in peaceful
coexistence, there must be give and take.

- Oh, sure. We give and you take.
- What is the matter. You do not trust us?

No comment.
If you do not mind, we have a conference.
Help yourself.
What is this?
My employees gave it to me. On the tenth
anniversary of the Berlin Airlift.

Are we going to stand here
and listen to cheap propaganda?