Pit and the Pendulum

Easy, child. Easy..
But tell us what happened to you.
I... I... I heard her.
The mistress.
I was cleaning up the room...
...and she spoke to me.
She called me by my name, Maria.
She said, "Maria, leave
this room".

My wife spoke to you?
-My wife spoke...

No one will ever enter that
room again.

- Mister Barnard, I...
- No need explaining, Nicholas.

Mister Barnard knows everything.
Take care of the girl,
will you Catherine.

I'll see to it, dona Medina, if you
want to go with your brother.

Thank you.
Come, Maria, let me help you

Perhaps I should bring some food
to Nicholas.

He will not eat it, my dear...
...any more than you are
eating yours.

I am not hungry.
You need your strength, nonetheless.
If I may interrupt this
fascinating conversation for a moment...

...how long, may I ask, you intend
to accept these occurrences...

...face value?
I should have thought, mister Barnard
that a man of your investigative zeal...

...would have already solved
the mystery.

And have you, doctor?
I am not certain.
But you remember that no one
actually heard Elizabeth's voice?

We have only Maria's word for it.
We proceed on similar lines, doctor.
On questioning Maria, I asked her to
describe the voice she heard.

- And?
- She could not describe it, doctor...