Pocketful of Miracles

Apples... Apples...
Apples... Apples...
- Where'd you pick him up?
- He's the new fella.

- Working the subway, huh?
- He didn't pay you yet, did he?

I gave you five bucks last month.
Five bucks every month
if you work Broadway, buster.

Hey, that's seven. Two of that's mine.
Yeah, Soho.
A nice long letter.
- Did it come today?
- Yeah. I'll pass it around.

Now get going over to the Casino.
There's a matinee.

New joke?
- Hi, Smiley.
- Hi, Annie. Been looking for you.

Dave the Dude wants to see you
at Rudy Martin's.

- Happy days...
- Annie...

- I ain't paid this month. I'm a little short.
- Sure you are.

Comes Christmas time, what you beg
you put in the Santa Claus box.

- I know. I'm a sucker.
- You are.

- Any mail?
- Yeah. Over at the Casino.

Don't forget the Dude.
- Thanks, Annie.
- Aw, shut up.

P- racticality
D- oesn't interest me

Love the life that I lead
I've got a pocketful of miracles
And with my pocketful of miracles
One little miracle a day is all I need
T- roubles more or less
B- other me, I guess

When the sun doesn't shine