Pocketful of Miracles

- I ain't paid this month. I'm a little short.
- Sure you are.

Comes Christmas time, what you beg
you put in the Santa Claus box.

- I know. I'm a sucker.
- You are.

- Any mail?
- Yeah. Over at the Casino.

Don't forget the Dude.
- Thanks, Annie.
- Aw, shut up.

P- racticality
D- oesn't interest me

Love the life that I lead
I've got a pocketful of miracles
And with my pocketful of miracles
One little miracle a day is all I need
T- roubles more or less
B- other me, I guess

When the sun doesn't shine
But there's that pocketful of miracles
And with my pocketful of miracles
The world's a bright and shiny apple
That's mine, all mine
Dude sent word he wants me.
On top of everything else,
this one shows up.

All right. You got 14 fifths of Scotch...
Just sit down, Annie. Five of the bourbon...

You know, Joy Boy, this morning was
the first time I ever been to a funeral.

- Do you believe there's a life after?
- Five of the gin and...

Why are you sittin' there like a dummy?
Why don't you write it down?

If I could write I'd be in the navy.
Where's the Dude?
What is it with you?
You can't wait 12 seconds?

You got an appointment
at the beauty parlour with that mop?

Here, give me that. I'll write, you count.
If I could count I'd be in the army.