Pocketful of Miracles

And on top of that, you get stuck
for the funeral bill. Go figure that.

Fine thing you did,
giving a poor soul a Christian burial.

Here's luck for you.
Something good's gonna happen
to you now. Something real good.

Yeah. You could break a leg.
You give up panhandling,
I'll give up bootlegging,

and you and me will run this speak
together. Could be a gold mine, Annie.

No, I'm not kidding, Annie.
Come on, let's see your gams.

- Oh, boy. Whoopee!
- How about that, huh?

- Hello, suckers!
- You old chiselling moocher.

- Here. Here's a fiver for your apple.
- God bless you, Dude.

Annie, will you tell me, why do I always
believe that your apples bring me luck?

Can you tell me?
Because the little people like you.
- What little people?
- Oh, you can't see 'em.

They live in dreams.
Little people like me, huh? Why?
Because they like children,
beggars and poets.

And that makes me a poet?
You want to believe in something.
Right now it's my apple.
So, the little people jump in it, see?
That's why this apple will bring you luck.
Why, you old con dame. Here's
the only thing you believe in.

- There you go, Annie.
- God bless you, Dude. God bless you.

- And bring you luck straightaway.
- All right.

Hey, Annie! You stay away
from those gin bottles. You hear me?

- I never touch it.
- Yeah, sure.

- Are you Mr Dave the Dude?
- I am. Don't drip on my suit.

What is this? Grand Central? Junior,
close that door. There's liquor in here.

You lookin' for a job in the chorus, kid?
The joint's closed, so try someplace else.