Pocketful of Miracles

Why don't you laugh? It's funny.
If I could laugh I wouldn't have heartburn.
Wanna know why Rudy Martin
was found in the river? There it is.

50 G's worth of I.O.Thems
to the gambling boys. Hello, Annie.

There's a note. "Thanks for everything.
Take care of my baby Queenie."

- What's "baby Queenie"?
- Maybe he left you a horse.

- There's a Queenie running at Hialeah.
- That's right. Hey, Powder!

- Thanks a lot. You did a good job in there.
- For you, Dude, any time, boy.

Annie, is that the biggest apple you got?
I need a triple shot of luck today.

This apple'll make
the birds sing for you again.

I tell you, kid, you get another sucker
like my boss, you can retire altogether.

This could only happen
to a smart guy like you.

There's a man who owns a joint,
gets knocked off owing you $20,000.

And on top of that, you get stuck
for the funeral bill. Go figure that.

Fine thing you did,
giving a poor soul a Christian burial.

Here's luck for you.
Something good's gonna happen
to you now. Something real good.

Yeah. You could break a leg.
You give up panhandling,
I'll give up bootlegging,

and you and me will run this speak
together. Could be a gold mine, Annie.

No, I'm not kidding, Annie.
Come on, let's see your gams.

- Oh, boy. Whoopee!
- How about that, huh?

- Hello, suckers!
- You old chiselling moocher.

- Here. Here's a fiver for your apple.
- God bless you, Dude.

Annie, will you tell me, why do I always
believe that your apples bring me luck?

Can you tell me?
Because the little people like you.
- What little people?
- Oh, you can't see 'em.

They live in dreams.