Pocketful of Miracles

The inventory won't pay for the flowers,
so the lease is worth about a quarter.

Miss Martin, "Papa" owes me $20,000,
and a lot more to some guys
who don't laugh so easy.

- That much?
- That much.

Well, I've got a few dollars in the bank.
What I make at the cafeteria,
I could manage five dollars a week.

- A cafeteria?
- I'm cashier there.

The next one Howard... uh, Mr Porter
opens, I'm gonna be manager.

Then I could give you a little more.
- It's five whole dollars.
- The lucky apple is working already.

- Very big.
- It's the best I can do.

Goodbye, Mr Dude.
Thank you for being Papa's friend.

Yeah. I mean...
That's the first broad I ever seen
who wanted to do something for you.

You know, maybe...
- Miss?
- Hey, Dude! No! Come here!

You know, at $5 a week it'll take you
200 years to pay off your father's debt.

- I don't care if it takes a thousand years.
- Take it easy. I got an idea.

For my boss it was the lucky
apple that brought Queenie into his life.

Go figure - he's got a thing
about Annie's apples.

So the Dude shoots the bankroll and
promotes Queenie into a nightclub star.

Much to my surprise she ain't too bad.
And you know what?
The club begins to make money.

And Queenie begins to pay off
her papa's debts. Go figure that one.

By the second year,
the club is a sensation.