Pocketful of Miracles

You know, maybe...
- Miss?
- Hey, Dude! No! Come here!

You know, at $5 a week it'll take you
200 years to pay off your father's debt.

- I don't care if it takes a thousand years.
- Take it easy. I got an idea.

For my boss it was the lucky
apple that brought Queenie into his life.

Go figure - he's got a thing
about Annie's apples.

So the Dude shoots the bankroll and
promotes Queenie into a nightclub star.

Much to my surprise she ain't too bad.
And you know what?
The club begins to make money.

And Queenie begins to pay off
her papa's debts. Go figure that one.

By the second year,
the club is a sensation.

We're in the big dough.
Step back. The elevator's coming up.
We're gettin' so big, the opposition
begins playin' games with us.

The Dude kisses the old apple,
but I know better: I kiss the iron doors.

But it was too good to last.
Suddenly the law pulls the rug out
from under us bootleggers.

- Another dollar?
- Stop squawkin', stop squawkin'.

I only raised you one buck.
Tonight you can afford it.

Liquor's legal.
The whole town's on a binge.