Pocketful of Miracles

We're in the big dough.
Step back. The elevator's coming up.
We're gettin' so big, the opposition
begins playin' games with us.

The Dude kisses the old apple,
but I know better: I kiss the iron doors.

But it was too good to last.
Suddenly the law pulls the rug out
from under us bootleggers.

- Another dollar?
- Stop squawkin', stop squawkin'.

I only raised you one buck.
Tonight you can afford it.

Liquor's legal.
The whole town's on a binge.

- Baby, baby, baby
- Baby, baby, baby

- Baby, baby, baby
- Baby, baby, baby

- I love you
- I love you

Hope you love me too
All right, you wonderful
bunch of ex-lawbreakers.

This is the last night, the last song,
and the last bottle's on the house!

Does that mean we'll be playin', Dude?
- You are a genius. You are a genius!
- I know. Now tell me what happened.

- The big man is here.
- I told you so, huh?

- And he's waitin' for you.
- Let him wait.

- What man?
- I told you to find Apple Annie.

I spread the word with the BBC -
Beggars' Broadcast...

- Move it!
- Yes, sir.

What are you gonna do? Wait around for
some apple? What's the matter with you?