Pocketful of Miracles

Oh, Queenie...
Dude, Annie's here. Let's go.
- Annie?
- I'll be right out!

What do you need an apple for?
What more luck do we need?

You just gave me a wedding present -
the place in Maryland.

I'm gonna give you one.
An all-year house on a silver platter.

- The whole city of New York.
- I don't want New York.

I want a little town in Maryland
where I can play the wife-and-mother bit.

You can shake this.
You didn't want it in the first place.

- But I'm a man who needs a little action.
- Action?

Prohibition's over.
Hey, Dude, the man is waitin'.
- All right, all right.
- What man? Who are you seeing tonight?

I'm making a meet with our future,
sweetheart. Mr Big himself.

- Not Darcey?
- You're right. Darcey.

Dude, no. You're not going to Chicago?
No. The mountain is coming to the Dude.
I'm not going to Chicago.

Darcey in New York?
The police said they'd never let him in.

They didn't let him in. I did.
Please, not Darcey. He's an animal.
He's a murderer. He's Public Enemy No. 1.

- It's all headlines.
- Dude, will you move it? Let's go.

Your car's outside. We can be in Maryland
by morning. We can make it legal.

If you love me,
don't depend on some witch's apples.

- Let's get away. We'll be real people.
- Simmer down, sweetheart. Come on.

We go out into the sticks,
what kind of work am I gonna do?

You're young.
You can make a name, money...

What's money? I started at the bottom in
this town and I'm going right up to the top.

I can outsmart those monkeys.
I've been doing it all my life.

Ever since I escaped from that orphanage.
And why? Because I'm good
and because I'm lucky.

I'm gonna be somebody,
and you're gonna be somebody with me.

I'm coming.
Dude, if you shack up with Darcey
you can forget the wedding.

Isn't she gorgeous?
- Heads.
- Oh...!