Pocketful of Miracles

Please, not Darcey. He's an animal.
He's a murderer. He's Public Enemy No. 1.

- It's all headlines.
- Dude, will you move it? Let's go.

Your car's outside. We can be in Maryland
by morning. We can make it legal.

If you love me,
don't depend on some witch's apples.

- Let's get away. We'll be real people.
- Simmer down, sweetheart. Come on.

We go out into the sticks,
what kind of work am I gonna do?

You're young.
You can make a name, money...

What's money? I started at the bottom in
this town and I'm going right up to the top.

I can outsmart those monkeys.
I've been doing it all my life.

Ever since I escaped from that orphanage.
And why? Because I'm good
and because I'm lucky.

I'm gonna be somebody,
and you're gonna be somebody with me.

I'm coming.
Dude, if you shack up with Darcey
you can forget the wedding.

Isn't she gorgeous?
- Heads.
- Oh...!

- What's grabbin' her?
- It's nothing. She just wants a lot of kids.

Kids? Boy, they're mean
when they get on that kick.

Annie, where you been?
Playing Chase Me Charlie?

And where were you Saturday?
I couldn't beat a race.

God bless you, Dude.
I wasn't feelin' so hot Saturday.

- Ginned up again?
- No, Dude. Honest, I'm off the stuff.

About time. Dr Michel says
your kidneys are shot.

Aw, pooh. My kidneys are
as good as new - better.

You think we could postpone
this discussion of Annie's kidneys?

Lots of luck, Dude.
Save a lot of trouble
if you bought the whole basket at once.

I gotta buy these apples
one at a time just before I need 'em.

We were both bums
until we found that out.

Let's go. Pick-up point, the warehouse.
God bless Dave the Dude.
God bless all my friends.