Pocketful of Miracles

- What's grabbin' her?
- It's nothing. She just wants a lot of kids.

Kids? Boy, they're mean
when they get on that kick.

Annie, where you been?
Playing Chase Me Charlie?

And where were you Saturday?
I couldn't beat a race.

God bless you, Dude.
I wasn't feelin' so hot Saturday.

- Ginned up again?
- No, Dude. Honest, I'm off the stuff.

About time. Dr Michel says
your kidneys are shot.

Aw, pooh. My kidneys are
as good as new - better.

You think we could postpone
this discussion of Annie's kidneys?

Lots of luck, Dude.
Save a lot of trouble
if you bought the whole basket at once.

I gotta buy these apples
one at a time just before I need 'em.

We were both bums
until we found that out.

Let's go. Pick-up point, the warehouse.
God bless Dave the Dude.
God bless all my friends.
That's the boss.
- Dude's here. Set?
- Set.

- He's got his dark cheaters on, boss.
- Uh-oh.

You're late.