Pocketful of Miracles

That's the boss.
- Dude's here. Set?
- Set.

- He's got his dark cheaters on, boss.
- Uh-oh.

You're late.
Late for what?
Late for what? For 48 hours I've been
knocking around in this cage

all the way from Chicago.
I'm seasick.
Don't any of you guys ever inhale?
Like being in solitary, only it moves.
Fine thing, some two-bit operator
sends for me in his upholstered boxcar

and first thing you know, I'm being hauled
all over the country like a side of beef.

- This your layout?
- Yeah. I built it.

See these walls? Bulletproof.
In town it's neutral territory, even when
there's a war on. I call it Little Switzerland.

What do the cops call it? They find me
in this town, you can stop the presses.

There's ten vans just like this hauling
real furniture around. Here you're safe.

That picture's ten years old.
Relax, Darcey. Take it easy. Be my guest.