Pocketful of Miracles

No. Why not? Give him a hand, Junior.
Hold it, Junior.
They say you're a smart operator.
Gotta give you credit. You won the first
round. This is round two comin' up now.

- How does it look?
- Great.

Nice colour, huh?
Round two.
I got maybe eight, ten
top candidates for this job.

All smart, tough, hard-headed guys,
and I can take my pick of any one of 'em.

Now suppose you tell me,
in ten words or less, like a telegram,

why should Steve Darcey give
the New York territory to Dave the Dude?

Go ahead, talk.
- That's a good question. Right, Joy Boy?
- Beautiful.

- Got an answer?
- No.

- Got a question?
- Yeah.

Ask it - in ten words, like a telegram.
Why should Dave the Dude
give New York territory to Darcey?

That's eleven, but...
- Are you his mouthpiece?
- Call me his doormat.

Why don't you lay down and act like one?
Darcey, Joy Boy happens to be my friend,
and all my friends are nine feet tall
and make very bad doormats.

You bootleggers, you were nine feet tall.
All big fish in a little pond, but all of
a sudden all the little ponds are dryin' up.

That's where the king comes in.
I'm makin' me a national syndicate.

I'm gonna push some of you
gaspin' sharks back in the water.

But it's gonna be my water.
It'll cover the whole country.

- Deep water.
- Deep, huh?

How deep? Dames? Dope?
That's a little over my head.

Come on. That's bush league.
We're gonna operate
from presidential suites.

We're gonna elect judges,
contribute to charities, finance operas.

We're gonna be in
the big, profitable business

of catering for all human weaknesses.
- What would be my cut?
- Your cut? The New York territory?

Right down the middle.
If you're the right guy.