Pocketful of Miracles

He's the only guy.
There's one more little detail. We request
the franchise holders to put up $50,000.

In small bills.
As a token of their good faith.
- Who's driving?
- Herman.

- Herman?
- Yeah.

Take Mr Darcey anywhere he wants to go
while he's in town. He's my guest.

- Drop me off at the nearest goods stop.
- OK, boss.

Wait a minute. You're not interested?
No, not right now.
Because, you see, this is one fish
that isn't jumping into anybody's pond

unless I'm paid $100,000 in cash
as a token of your good faith.

You want the syndicate to pay you?
I'm the lucky one, remember?
All right, boys, let's go. We got
some ponds that need watering real bad.

Oh, if you get an itch for any of those
human weaknesses yourself, just holler.

This is my town, Darcey.
Wait a minute. Like I said, I like your style.
But you know the rules
as good as I do, kid.

The king makes an offer, the king
gets turned down, the king loses face.

On a king that coat looks good.
Wear it.
That guy is gonna play on my side
or he ain't gonna play at all.

If it was me, I'd warm up the blowtorch.
- Any mail?
- Tomorrow.

Ooh! He uses a blowtorch on people?
What does he do - weld 'em?

King. I don't like that guy.
Be fun to take him apart, huh, Joy Boy?