Pocketful of Miracles

Tell him to hurry up.
Mr B has a touch of mal de mer.

Mal de what?
Oh, you mean seasickness.
Just get the car and come right over.
Wait a minute. He's gonna need an apple.

Stop off at Schubert Alley, get the bag and
her apples. Don't stop to play stickball.

- You. There you are.
- Hey, Dude. The man's on the phone.

The man wants to negotiate a deal!
- Is this true, what I read in Winchell's?
- I suppose you can read.

Why, you two-timing dame. Are you
leaving me for that cafeteria clown?

Yeah. The wedding's Saturday.
You two-timing dame.
You ain't even been one-timed!

You ain't walking out on me
after what I did for you.

I took you from nothing
and made you into something.

So I could become a gangster's
flashy moll? Not me, mister!

You ain't walking out on me. You hear me,
Queenie? I'm Dave the Dude.

I'm not walking. I'm running!
Now you listen to me, Queenie. Watch it!
- You...!
- Watch it, Queenie.

- What are they doing?
- Playing house. What, are you still here?

- The bodyguards. I just thought of four...
- Look, I'm a busy man.

What's the matter with you?
Take a walk! Out!

No, you're not going out that door.
You owe me one thing, Queenie,
and I'm gonna collect.

You ain't leaving here
with that halo still on your head.

This place is like the inside
of a goat's stomach. Hey, Dave? Dave?

Hey, Dave. Look, I don't wanna butt in.
Excuse me for interruptin', Dave, but...