Pocketful of Miracles

Now you listen to me, Queenie. Watch it!
- You...!
- Watch it, Queenie.

- What are they doing?
- Playing house. What, are you still here?

- The bodyguards. I just thought of four...
- Look, I'm a busy man.

What's the matter with you?
Take a walk! Out!

No, you're not going out that door.
You owe me one thing, Queenie,
and I'm gonna collect.

You ain't leaving here
with that halo still on your head.

This place is like the inside
of a goat's stomach. Hey, Dave? Dave?

Hey, Dave. Look, I don't wanna butt in.
Excuse me for interruptin', Dave, but...

- Dave...
- Man, you have the worst sense of timing.

I hate to interrupt,
- but I just got a message from Junior.
- From Darcey? What did he say?

- Get me a pair of pants.
- Change your own diaper!

I said pants me! And fix yourself up.
Make yourself decent. What'd he say?

In front of her?
She's marrying JP Cafeteria.

I don't care if she marries J Edgar Hoover.
Now what did he say?

Dave, I could hardly believe it, but Darcey
wants to meet with you again, right away.

- Didn't I tell you he'd come around?
- Yeah, that he'd come around.

Look, this is worth millions. Let's not
blow the whole cake to win a little crumb.

Will you stop worrying?
- Others pay him. Why should he pay you?
- I'm Dave the Dude, not one of the others.

- Now go get Annie.
- Yeah, go get Annie.

That's all taken care of.
Junior's bringing her over right now.

Why don't you look where you're going?