Pocketful of Miracles

She's just bagged again. Annie,
you had me worried. Where's the bottle?

So nice of you to come.
The butler will take your things.

Lovely estate you have here,
Lady Chatterley.

It's nothing, really. Just something
I keep for the hunting season.

Everybody's coming down
for the hunting season, don't you know.

The flea hunt, isn't it?
What are you trying to do?
Knock yourself off?

Doc Michel told you
this paint'll poison you.

Dude, look.
The old lady's had her moments.

This on the emmis?
You really got yourself a kid?

Don't sit there slobbering.
Answer me. Is this your kid?

- No.
- Those crumbs, taking me for a sucker.

- My baby!
- All right, Annie. Stand up. It's all right.

Dude knows all about it.
He's a godfather too.

I don't want you
casing the waterfront again.

I was born in a place like this and I don't
wanna come back. That's why I need you.

What's all this malarkey about a kid?
She's coming over with a count.
She's going to marry his son.

They're coming over to meet me.
Wait till they get a load of Apple Annie.
That'll be a laugh. Eh, Dude?

Wait till they meet
her crummy old lady. Eh, Queenie?

And see this dump.
Annie, you can't do this. Come on now,
you old souse. Get up out of there.

Take it easy. She's an old souse
maybe, but she's full of dreams.

- She's full of gin. Where are the apples?
- Here are your lousy apples.