Pocketful of Miracles

- What is this, a rib?
- Annie sends her money every month.

And we've been lettin' her
shake us down cos we knew.

We all are godfathers.
We all got a piece of the kid.

We figure you're a godfather too.
You got the biggest piece.

- Me?
- You give Annie big tips for her apples.

- It's why her apples were lucky for you.
- We got a business appointment to keep.

- You keep it. Just stall 'em.
- How am I gonna stall 'em?

I'll be along as soon as I get my apple.
Now move it. Move it.

- Where is Annie?
- At her flop. I'll show you.

- Come on, Queenie. She may be sick.
- Not me. I got a date with Howard Porter.

Never mind Howard Porter. I need you.
Maybe Annie needs you too,
the way your old lady did.

- Now, just a minute.
- Move it.

No panhandlers on Broadway! Keep
your mind off that dizzy blonde of yours.

I don't think about her
during the daytime, boss.

Well, if it isn't my dear friend
Dave the Dude and his charming broad.

She's just bagged again. Annie,
you had me worried. Where's the bottle?

So nice of you to come.
The butler will take your things.

Lovely estate you have here,
Lady Chatterley.

It's nothing, really. Just something
I keep for the hunting season.

Everybody's coming down
for the hunting season, don't you know.

The flea hunt, isn't it?
What are you trying to do?
Knock yourself off?

Doc Michel told you
this paint'll poison you.

Dude, look.
The old lady's had her moments.

This on the emmis?
You really got yourself a kid?

Don't sit there slobbering.
Answer me. Is this your kid?

- No.
- Those crumbs, taking me for a sucker.

- My baby!
- All right, Annie. Stand up. It's all right.

Dude knows all about it.
He's a godfather too.