Pocketful of Miracles

- About what?
- About Miss Annie.

- What do you expect me to do?
- You could get her into the Marberry.

Apple Annie in the Marberry?
You're crazy.

- Just for a week.
- Now listen, Mr Dude.

We already took up a collection, we did.
We all chipped in 65 bucks to get her in.
You did? Well, 65 bucks is a tip
at the Marberry. You're all bats.

- What about your playboy friend?
- Rodney Kent.

- He's got a penthouse at the Marberry.
- You keep out of this. Move it, Junior.

Annie at the Marberry... I said move it!
His luck is gonna turn awful bad.
Apple, be lucky today.
All you little people in there,
you start workin' real hard.

All right. When you get home,
call Doc Michel to see Annie.

She'll be all right.
She's on a bender, that's all.

Hmm? Ain't it a fact?
You've seen her swacked before.

What the hell do I care?
I got what I want: The city of New York.

This great big town and those heels that
pushed me around, it's all mine now,

stretched right out on a silver platter.
Cos Darcey's come around to my way.
What do I need
that old apple souse for anyhow?

You know, they say luck is superstition.
Nah, it ain't superstition at all.
You know what it is?

Luck is an art. An art I got.
So I lose the old lady
and her apples. So what?

Apple Annie at the Marberry Hotel?
What do you expect me to do,
for cryin' out loud?

Look, will you say something?
Look, will you say something?