Pocketful of Miracles

Hmm? Ain't it a fact?
You've seen her swacked before.

What the hell do I care?
I got what I want: The city of New York.

This great big town and those heels that
pushed me around, it's all mine now,

stretched right out on a silver platter.
Cos Darcey's come around to my way.
What do I need
that old apple souse for anyhow?

You know, they say luck is superstition.
Nah, it ain't superstition at all.
You know what it is?

Luck is an art. An art I got.
So I lose the old lady
and her apples. So what?

Apple Annie at the Marberry Hotel?
What do you expect me to do,
for cryin' out loud?

Look, will you say something?
Look, will you say something?
OK, Mr Big Shot.
Now keep your date with Darcey.

And no more gin, huh?
Hey, boss. These rich guys
use chequers with horses on 'em.

Put that down!
I oughta have my head shrunk,
doing this.

You at the Marberry! Why didn't you
swipe stationery from the White House?

You could've said
you were Eleanor Roosevelt.

- Whom did you wish to see, sir?
- Is this here Rodney Kent's igloo?

This is Mr Kent's penthouse, yes,
but unfortunately Mr Kent is in Havana.

He is? Well, where'd you get the idea
that I give a hang where he is?

- I just assumed...
- Come over here.