Pocketful of Miracles

OK, Mr Big Shot.
Now keep your date with Darcey.

And no more gin, huh?
Hey, boss. These rich guys
use chequers with horses on 'em.

Put that down!
I oughta have my head shrunk,
doing this.

You at the Marberry! Why didn't you
swipe stationery from the White House?

You could've said
you were Eleanor Roosevelt.

- Whom did you wish to see, sir?
- Is this here Rodney Kent's igloo?

This is Mr Kent's penthouse, yes,
but unfortunately Mr Kent is in Havana.

He is? Well, where'd you get the idea
that I give a hang where he is?

- I just assumed...
- Come over here.

I'm gonna tell you something
that'll make you wet all over.

I don't care anything about Rodney Kent.
I'm lookin' for Dave the Dude.
- Who is that?
- He's here, ain't he?

Well... yes.
Well, what are you standin' there for,
growin' in the carpet? Take me to him.

Wait here, will you, please?
There is no carpet.
Sir? A gentleman. Rather primitive.
You tryin' to make me crazy?
What's goin' on?

Come here, come here.
- Where you been?
- Where have I been?

- I've had to do everything myself.
- I've been through a meat grinder.

For 24 hours I've been locked up
in Little Switz

listening to that seasick gorilla.
I'm alibiing like crazy.

- What are you alibiing for?
- For you, for not showing up.