Pocketful of Miracles

I'm gonna tell you something
that'll make you wet all over.

I don't care anything about Rodney Kent.
I'm lookin' for Dave the Dude.
- Who is that?
- He's here, ain't he?

Well... yes.
Well, what are you standin' there for,
growin' in the carpet? Take me to him.

Wait here, will you, please?
There is no carpet.
Sir? A gentleman. Rather primitive.
You tryin' to make me crazy?
What's goin' on?

Come here, come here.
- Where you been?
- Where have I been?

- I've had to do everything myself.
- I've been through a meat grinder.

For 24 hours I've been locked up
in Little Switz

listening to that seasick gorilla.
I'm alibiing like crazy.

- What are you alibiing for?
- For you, for not showing up.

So I didn't show up.
How'd you leave the big man, hm?

- Headfirst and landed in the gutter.
- Good.

Says he won't talk to messenger boys.
Says he barbecues them.

- Used the blowtorch, eh?
- Says next time I'll be inside the shirt.

Bluffing, Joy Boy. That's his psychology.
Pay no attention to him.

- What's this?
- Meet the new queen of society.

This is Annie, the Duchess of Apples.
What's your daughter doing in Spain?
Who's her father?
Aw, boss, that ain't a polite question
to ask a dame like Annie.

Wait a minute. You tellin' me Rodney Kent
gave you his apartment for this owl?

Yeah. He's a bigger sucker than I am.
He even threw in the butler.

Not against my will, sir. I love
Cinderella stories. Don't you, sir?

Take a walk, huh?
- Junior, what happened to Queenie?
- I don't know.