- Well, what?
- I saw...

- What? Him?
- No. His burrow.

It leads somewhere over there.
- Who lives up there?
- God.

I'm notjoking.
He must be a god.

He makes lame people walk,
he gives blind people their sight.

We've got a devil in the bay
and some god over it...

It's the home of
the great Dr. Salvatore.

We won't waste our time then.
But that tunnel, that's where
we're going to catch him.

Last week the prosecutor
read my article

and a fine was imposed
on our newspaper.

We don't have any money,
our newspaper is for poor people.

Won't you be willing
to lend us ten thousand?

Otherwise, we'll be closed.
My dear Olsen! If it's for you,
you have only to ask.

But I won't give anything
for your newspaper.

Thank you very much, but
personally, I don't need a thing.

With me it's a matter of principle,
not to get involved in politics.