If a Man Answers

Chouchou, you must always
observe your man closely.

The male animal
discloses very little audibly.

Now, one, my man did not have
the evening Boston Globe...

a serious break in routine.
Two, he said he guessed
he was home early.

Your father always knows exactly
what time of day it is.

Three, I have a rack of lamb
in the oven... his favorite...

and he didn't even smell it.
Now, four... and most important...
he criticized this house.

Oh, yes, something
is most definitely up.

Your fire is anything but out.

What took you so long?
Mm. Now I'm sure.
You never kiss me like that
before dark.

What is it? How would you
like to live in New York?

I would love it.
Just like that?

Are we moving to New York?
I've had a magnificent offer to go
into partnership with a Mr. Berwitt,

one of the country's leading dealers
in English antiques.

Quite flattering, I must say.
Then, voilĂ , it is done.

So easy? You won't mind leaving Boston?
My darling, I left Paris for you.
After that, anything is easy.
We will be New Yorkers now.
Yes, we will like that.

New Yorkers?
Are we moving to New York?

Are we?
Yes, and won't you love it.

Well, how can you be so positive?
How can you look so negative?

I asked you first. For one thing,
New York men are so recherché.

I hope that means
the marrying kind.

Well, I hope it means
exciting and plentiful.

All the men you really
need is one. Mm-hmm.

One tall, dark, handsome,
witty, rich,

single New Yorker.
Is that asking too much
of such a fabulous city?