Mondo cane

But if American
women are for real,

these women are not joking.
Do you know what they want from
their suntanned Rossano Brazzi?

Well, all we can tell you is
they don't want his autograph.

East of New Guinea,
lies the Trobriand archipelago.

And this is Kiriwina,
the biggest island,

surrounded by dreamlike
beaches and probably

the most beautiful
coral ocean in the world.

Here, the sun shines eternally,
the land is generous,

and nobody works.
Consequently, the general mood
leans toward having a good time.

These women, attractive
and carefree about love,

have been practicing for
centuries on these beaches,

one sport that, here too,
is very popular:

hunting the male.
This sport made them
so famous in the world

that today there isn't
one respectable anthropologist

who doesn't refer
to this archipelago

as one of the few places
in the world

where women still
practice polygamy.

As you can see,
even in Kiriwina,

the rules of the game
remain unchanged.

The male, once captured,
is democratically assigned

to the healthy and thrifty love
appetite of the community.

With maybe the only difference
that here, it's not a custom

to tear up his shirt.
And the male?
Not a problem. Here, like
elsewhere, the male is smart

and knows how to stay
away from danger.