Mondo cane

As you can see,
even in Kiriwina,

the rules of the game
remain unchanged.

The male, once captured,
is democratically assigned

to the healthy and thrifty love
appetite of the community.

With maybe the only difference
that here, it's not a custom

to tear up his shirt.
And the male?
Not a problem. Here, like
elsewhere, the male is smart

and knows how to stay
away from danger.

Unfortunately, the male of
the Trobriand, when in fear,

keeps making the mistake
of climbing on something

where, sooner or later,
he will be caught

and forced to nest,
one way or the other.

As you may have noticed,
hunting the male is a sport

that has many analogies
all over the world.

Maybe these women practice
the hunt more like a sport,

so to speak, in the open air
and bare-chested.

But this is the only difference.