Sorpasso, Il

Hello there!
Hey, you don't have to duck away?
Everything is closed. Do you have a telephone?
- Yes

Would you like to do something for me?
- Of course.

Call 1326624 and ask for Marcella.
Tell her I'll be right there.
In the meantime we'll also pick up the others.

You still know the number? It's very easy:
13, double that: 26, turn it around: 62,
and a 4.

1326624 and tell Marcella
that he is on his way.

Who is coming?
I don't even know his name!

Excuse me!
Did you call?
No, please come upstairs,
you can make the call yourself then.

Good idea. Which flat?
- Four.

Keep an eye on my car. Strange
people are walking around on Assumption...

Number four right?
I'll be up in a jiffy!

Should I have called myself?
I don't even know who he is.