The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance

You can nominate as many as you like,
and in order to show you
how this procedure works,

I'll leave the chair temporarily.
That's parliamentary law.
You can do that.

I'll step out of the chair,
and I'll make the first nomination.

I' d like to nominate a man I think
is the only man in Shinbone

who has the right qualifications to
lead us in our fight for statehood.

I could stand here
talking about him all day,

but I know everybody here
could do the same.

I don't think that's necessary.
I nominate Tom Doniphon.

Come on, sit down. Sit down.
Stop sucking on that cigar
and put that pencil away.

- I refuse the nomination.
- You can't refuse now.

Yes I can, because I got
other plans, personal plans.

Mr. Attorney, go on with your meeting.
You don't live south
of the Picketwire. You can't vote.

I live where I hang my hat.
Come on, move! Out of the way!