The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance

- I refuse the nomination.
- You can't refuse now.

Yes I can, because I got
other plans, personal plans.

Mr. Attorney, go on with your meeting.
You don't live south
of the Picketwire. You can't vote.

I live where I hang my hat.
Come on, move! Out of the way!
Hashslinger, why are you
standing there so high and mighty?

He's running this here meeting,
or hadn't you heard?

The whole shebang.
I' d like to nominate the chairman,
Mr. Ransom Stoddard, as delegate
to the territorial convention.

Wait a minute.
And I second that nomination,
not only because he knows law,

but because he throws a good punch.
Now listen, all you sodbusters,
you hard-rock farmers.

- I aim to be the delegate.
- You don't live south.

Floyd, say your piece like I said.
I nominate
Liberty Valance for delegate.

- I second the nomination.
- Move the nominations be closed.

Now wait a minute. That ain't
exactly legal, is it, Mr. Attorney?

We need two good delegates
to Capitol City, Valance,

Two honest men.
We've got one in you, Mr. Stoddard.

- You looking for trouble, Doniphon?
- You helping me find some?