The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance

Hashslinger, why are you
standing there so high and mighty?

He's running this here meeting,
or hadn't you heard?

The whole shebang.
I' d like to nominate the chairman,
Mr. Ransom Stoddard, as delegate
to the territorial convention.

Wait a minute.
And I second that nomination,
not only because he knows law,

but because he throws a good punch.
Now listen, all you sodbusters,
you hard-rock farmers.

- I aim to be the delegate.
- You don't live south.

Floyd, say your piece like I said.
I nominate
Liberty Valance for delegate.

- I second the nomination.
- Move the nominations be closed.

Now wait a minute. That ain't
exactly legal, is it, Mr. Attorney?

We need two good delegates
to Capitol City, Valance,

Two honest men.
We've got one in you, Mr. Stoddard.

- You looking for trouble, Doniphon?
- You helping me find some?

- You heard my motion, dude!
- All right. Put his name down.

- Liberty Valance, address unknown.
- Have I got a right to speak?

- Go ahead, Highpockets.
- Then what about Mr. Peabody?

He can read and write
and runs the newspaper.

Yeah, and when he's drinking,
why, he can talk the ears
off of a w-wooden Indian.

I second the motion.
No, you don't. No!
I'm a newspaperman, not a politician.
No, politicians are my meat!
I build them up. I tear them down.

But I wouldn't be one.
I couldn't be one.

- It would destroy me! Give me a...
- Bar's closed.

Good people of Shinbone,
I'm your conscience.