The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance

- You heard my motion, dude!
- All right. Put his name down.

- Liberty Valance, address unknown.
- Have I got a right to speak?

- Go ahead, Highpockets.
- Then what about Mr. Peabody?

He can read and write
and runs the newspaper.

Yeah, and when he's drinking,
why, he can talk the ears
off of a w-wooden Indian.

I second the motion.
No, you don't. No!
I'm a newspaperman, not a politician.
No, politicians are my meat!
I build them up. I tear them down.

But I wouldn't be one.
I couldn't be one.

- It would destroy me! Give me a...
- Bar's closed.

Good people of Shinbone,
I'm your conscience.

I'm the still, small voice
that thunders in the night.

I'm your watchdog
that howls against the wolves.

I'm your Father confessor!
- What else am l?
- Town drunk?

- Dutton Peabody. Write it down.
- I move the nominations be closed.

- I second the motion.
- All in favour?

Now we'll proceed with the election.
You sodbusters are a brave bunch
when you're together, but don't vote

any way now that you'll regret
later when you're alone.

Those in favour of Ransom Stoddard
as delegate, raise your hands.

All those in favour of Liberty
Valance, raise your hands.