The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance

The hidden gun beneath his coat?
The bullet-riddled body
of an honest citizen?

Honest citizen?! Liberty Valance?
You fool! Liberty Valance,
an honest citizen?

Is this your fearless champion
of law and order?

- Mr. Chairman!
- The mark of Cain is on this man,

and the mark of Cain
will be on all of us

if we send him
with bloodstained hands

to walk the hallowed
halls of government...

- ..where Washington...
- Mr. Chairman!

- Mr. Chairman!
- Order! Order!

...yes, and Lincoln still live,
immortals in the memory of man.

Mr. Chairman!
Rance! Rance!
Order! Order!
- Where are you going?
- I'm going home, Tom.

I'm going back east where I belong.
Valance couldn't make you run away.
What is it now, your conscience?

Isn't it enough to kill a man,
without trying to build a life on it?

You talk too much, think too much.
you didn't kill Liberty Valance.

- What?
- Think back, pilgrim.