Tower of London

The Tower of London.
A monument
to the corruption of the soul,

where in the shadowed past
a man came to the throne of England

despite the insane ambition
that drove him to evil and murder.

He escaped the headsman's block
but he could never escape
the ghosts of his conscience.

lt is the night of April 9th in the year ^1483.
The night that Edward lV,
King of England, will die.

Rumors that the King
is on his deathbed have filled London

and the people await the booming
of the cannon on the battlements.

For this will be the signal
that Edward lV is no more.

- Richard!
- Buckingham, dear Buckingham!

My brother still lives?
Death is very close. You'd best hurry.
My sons. Where are they?
Your Majesty, you must not...
Where are they? l must talk to them.