America, America

give me two sons, and I'll give you
the business, everything.

My share. My brothers are there,
but there's plenty for everyone.

Just give me two sons,
and then watch the years go by.

The winters here,
summers in the island.

Pretty soon your eldest
will say...

"Father, I've met a girl,
I'd like to get married."

You'll say, "How much money has
she got? What dowry will she bring?"

You'll get heavier
and Thomna will get bigger...

in certain places, especially.
Like Anula.
I didn't say where.
And watch the years pass.
You'll get old,
I'll be old...

and we'll sit here together,
you and I...

and we'll drink
and we'll eat...

and unbutton the tops
of our trousers...

and we'll take a nap...
right here, side by side,
a little nap.

The women will muzz-muzz
from the kitchen...

and then we'll wake and
play a little backgammon.

Soon, it will be time for
a little ouzo, some olives...

a little cheese...
And all my children and
all your children will be here...

And only you and I will talk,

because I've taught my women

When you talk,
everyone will be quiet.

And when I talk,
even you will be quiet.

And when I die...
we will die properly...
surrounded by women
looking after us.