America, America

I came to the store once
to tell you, but...

you got into a carriage
with a rich man.

You looked very busy,
very big...

plenty to eat,
so I thought...

Right or wrong is for the rich.
You can afford it, I can't.

You come from a good family.
Yes, who are now waiting for
one piece of good news.

One piece!
But your father...
I don't want to be my father,
or your father...

I don't want that good family life,
good family life...

all those good people stay here
and live in this shame.

The churchgoers who give
to the poor live in shame.

The respectable, polite ones
with good manners.

But, I am going.
No matter how. No matter,
no matter. I am going!

I told you to come here...
because I wanted to tell you
the truth.

The truth of what I am, so you
don't go on thinking about me.

You took off your...
That was for your father.
What's that?
Oh, are you taking that with you?
Of course. You can't count
on anybody or anything.

With this,
I can always eat.