Dr. No

You Limeys can be touchy
about trespassing.

Strangways and Quarrel
checked the offshore islands.

- You found nothing?
- Not a thing.

- Where did you look?
- Just about most everywhere.

Fire Island, Crab Key, Morgan's Reef.
Checked them all?
All except Crab Key.
We didn't have no right to go there.

- Why not?
- It belongs to a Chinese...

Get her, Quarrel - and the camera.
Evening, missis.
You're hurting!
The Captain wants you
to have a drink with us.

You're hurting me!
You can't mean it.
Good evening.
Why do you want another picture of me?
Because I only got your hat at the airport.
- Tell this ape to let me go!
- Why do you want a picture at all?

Because that's the way I earn my living.
- Who pays you?
- Oh... "The Daily Gleaner"!

Pussfeller! Pussfeller!
- Anything I can do?
- Ever seen this girl before?

She come here sometimes.
She being a nuisance to you?
You want for me to get rid of her?

No. Just ring the "Gleaner". Find out
if they sent a photographer here tonight.

They didn't send me. I work freelance.
Freelance, hm? For whom?
Tell us and he'll stop.
We don't get nothing out of this gal.
You want for me to break her arm?

Another time.