Dr. No

Because I only got your hat at the airport.
- Tell this ape to let me go!
- Why do you want a picture at all?

Because that's the way I earn my living.
- Who pays you?
- Oh... "The Daily Gleaner"!

Pussfeller! Pussfeller!
- Anything I can do?
- Ever seen this girl before?

She come here sometimes.
She being a nuisance to you?
You want for me to get rid of her?

No. Just ring the "Gleaner". Find out
if they sent a photographer here tonight.

They didn't send me. I work freelance.
Freelance, hm? For whom?
Tell us and he'll stop.
We don't get nothing out of this gal.
You want for me to break her arm?

Another time.
The second time nothing's come out.
Give her her arm back.

Run along, Freelance.
You'll be sorry.
You'll all be sorry, you rats!

One takes cyanide, another would have
had her arm broken. Neither would talk.

- Who puts that sort of scare into people?
- I think we'd better find out, but fast.

You mentioned Crab Key.
Why can't we go over there?

It belongs to a Chinese character.
He won't allow anyone to land.

Our naval reconnaissance planes
took a look.

They only found a bauxite mine.
Low-scan CH radar setup.
Nothing illegal about that.
That Crab Key scares me plenty.
Friends of mine went out there once
after seashells.

Only trouble, they never came back again.
Local fishermen won't go near it.
Strangways and me slip in at night.
He take samples, we came straight back.
- Don't do to hang about there.
- What kind of samples?