Dr. No

Oh, bits of rock. Sand. Water.
I see. Crab Key begins to interest me.
What else do we know
about this Chinese gentleman?

Nothing much. Except his name.
Doctor No.
- I'd like to see Professor Dent, please.
- Have you an appointment?

James Bond.
We met yesterday at the Queen's Club.

Very well. He's somewhere in the lab.
Is Professor Dent there?
Oh, never mind. Thank you.
Morning, Professor.
Mr Bond. Anything I can do for you?
Yes. I came across this
in Strangways' office.

Your receipt.
Yes, that's right.
Can you tell me anything about it?
Poor old Strangways.
Bit of a bug of his, this amateur geology.

He brought some rock samples in for
testing, convinced they were valuable.

Were they?
No, of course not.
Just low-grade iron pyrites.

Can I see them?
Well, no, I... I threw 'em away.
- Do you know where he found them?
- No, he didn't say.

- Crab Key, perhaps?
- Definitely not.

Why so certain?
- Not geologically possible.
- Thank you, Professor.

It's kind of you to spare me your time.
You're welcome, Mr Bond.
Oh, Professor...