Dr. No

Oh, never mind. Thank you.
Morning, Professor.
Mr Bond. Anything I can do for you?
Yes. I came across this
in Strangways' office.

Your receipt.
Yes, that's right.
Can you tell me anything about it?
Poor old Strangways.
Bit of a bug of his, this amateur geology.

He brought some rock samples in for
testing, convinced they were valuable.

Were they?
No, of course not.
Just low-grade iron pyrites.

Can I see them?
Well, no, I... I threw 'em away.
- Do you know where he found them?
- No, he didn't say.

- Crab Key, perhaps?
- Definitely not.

Why so certain?
- Not geologically possible.
- Thank you, Professor.

It's kind of you to spare me your time.
You're welcome, Mr Bond.
Oh, Professor...
Allow me.
- Take me to Crab Key.
- I can't. You know the procedure.

There's no time for procedure.
I'll take responsibility.

Man, I hope you know what you're doing.
- Come on...
- All right.