Fun in Acapulco

Kiss every one
This is no time for siesta
This is time for fun
This is no time for siesta
This is time for fun.
Viva el vino
Viva el dinero
Viva, viva, el amor
Viva el vino
Viva el dinero, viva!
-Viva, viva, el amor...
-Hold it down! Hold it down!

Shh, shh.
Everyone's asleep. Siesta.
lt's too early for siesta.
Just go away.
Come back later.

Hey, your boat, muy bonito.
lt's not my b...
l just work here.

No more music, now, please.
Like l said,
l just work here.

lf you wake up my boss
l won't be working here
much longer.

Some boss.
He's a sneaky gringo.
-Viva el vino
-Hold it down!

-Viva el dinero
-Hold it down!

Viva, viva, el amor...
Quiet. See?
You'll wake everyone up.

Time to be up
anyway. lt's 6:30.

l'll tell you what--
l'll buy you a drink later
if you'll go away now, hmm?

We go now. Pay later.
Good idea.

-ls it a deal?

Tonight, El Torito's, 6:00.
Where is it?
Ask everybody, anybody.
Hey, amigo, what's your name?
-Mike, l'm Armando, he's Pedro

that's Pablo, and he's Sam.
See you later, Mike.
The natives are restless
this morning.

So are you.
l'm always restless.
Why don't you go back to bed?
l'd rather be with you.
Come back when you've grown up.
You mean l'm going to get
any more grown up than this?