Gattopardo, Il

Even, with the Masons.
At our expense,
at the expense of the Church.

lt is obvious that all our riches,
that actually belong to the poor,

will be grabbed by and split among
the most impudent ringleaders.

What will become of those destitute
the Church feeds and guides ?

How will those desperate
be pacified ? l'll tell you.

We'll give them all your lands,
bit by bit !

Our Lord healed the blind in body,
but what will become
of the blind in spirit ?

We're not blind in spirit,
dear Father.

We're just human beings living
in a world that's changing.

What are we supposed to do ?
The Church was explicitly
promised immortality.

As a social class,
we were promised nothing.

To us, eternity adds up
to a hundred years !

We have no obligation beyond
what we can see with our own eyes.

The Church does,
because it is bound to last.

- Comfort is implicit in its
desperation. - Excellency !

Do you think, Father, that if
one day the Church had the chance

to save itself sacrificing us,
it would hesitate ?

lt wouldn't, but that's fair.
You'll have two sins to confess,
on Saturday, Excellency:

last night's carnal sin,
and today's spiritual. Remember.

Look at this beauty, Father.